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Cabaret Performances on the Virtues

These inspiring shows, written, produced, and performed by Shanti, encourage a greater understanding of, and participation in, selected, timeless virtues.


Humor: Seriously

“Why did six run away from seven?”  “Because seven eight nine.” That is a pun, one of the many forms of humor illustrated in this entertaining cabaret performance, a 21st century parable about the virtue of humor. This really very funny show is designed to entertain, while helping audience members understand what humor is and why it is beneficial. Songs by well-known American songwriters such as Harold Arlen, Mel Blank, Sheldon Harnick, and “Weird Al” Yankovic are used to add humor and to make a point. Audience members will enjoy music and have a good laugh while learning ways to put more laughter into their lives.

Humor Evil

Evil: Live Spelled Backwards


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