Walking the Labyrinth

An Introduction

Walking the labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tradition that is being re-discovered in our time. Labyrinths can be found in almost every religious tradition around the world. The Jones’ family labyrinth is the classical 11-circuit labyrinth. The most well known example of this type of labyrinth is found embedded in the floor at Chartres Cathedral in France.

Labyrinths are a tool for meditation. By following the one path to the center, the seeker can use the labyrinth to quiet the mind and find peace and illumination at the center of his or her being. The path of the labyrinth serves as a metaphor for one’s spiritual journey. The walk, and all that happens on it, can be grasped through the intuitive, pattern-discerning faculty of the person walking it. The genius of this tool is that it reflects back to the seeker whatever he or she needs to discover from the perspective of a new level of conscious awareness. By stepping into the labyrinth we are choosing, once again, to walk the spiritual path. The labyrinth is a prayer path, a crucible of change, a meditation tool, a blueprint where psyche meets soul.

Video: Labyrinth Talk with Shanti
Video: Labyrinth Walk at Shanti's

  The Jones Labyrinth  
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