Self-actualization coaching is based on the fact that all human beings want balance and fulfillment in their lives. To obtain these things takes conscious effort and attention by all but a fortunate few. Because we, along with life, are constantly changing, remaining fulfilled and balanced is a continuous process.

When you begin work with me, you will examine eight major areas of your life that constitute what coaches call the “Wheel of Life.” They include your career, finances, health, self-growth, family and friends, significant other, personal environment, and free-time. You will rate each area on a scale of one to ten. The rating you give it depends on the amount of satisfaction you currently feel with that area. Then you and I will list all the things that are satisfying as well as what will need to be added or changed in order to bring each area, or the areas upon which you wish to focus, to a ten. Coaching really gets underway as we work together to achieve the goals you set for yourself. 

Another one of many tools we will use during the coaching process is a list of personal values. From that list you will select the values which are particularly important for you. We will identify the ways you are currently living your values, and then you will be helped to identify ways you can live them more concretely and consciously. To live without values is a bit like being a ship without a rudder – you can be tossed this way or that and not know how to make decisions which truly reflect what you hold most dear. Ask yourself this – can your friends tell you what values are important to you based on observing your actions? If not, this coaching tool will be especially valuable to you.

One of the great aspects of coaching is that it is often done over the phone. Many coaches and clients have never met in person. After completing the “Wheel of Life”, coaching sessions are one half hour in length and involve reviewing the work that has been recently accomplished and setting up “homework” for the week to come. Accountability is one of the factors that contribute to a successful process.

If you are interested in having me as your coach, please contact me and I will promptly reply.

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