. Celebration of the Victory of an Inner Self
. Creativity and Song
. Why I wish to take Sannyas
. Health and Living: The science of well-being
. Parenting Skills (various articles)
. The Art of Cabaret as Philosophical Practice
. A Review of Dr. Eugene M. DeRobertis "The Whole Child" in AHP Perspectives
. A Review of Aurelia McCarthy's "The Power of the Possible" in AHP Perspectives
. A Template for Teaching 21st Century Technologies of the Self
. An Approach to Philosophical Counseling
. A Model For Philosophical Groups That Supports Philosophy as a Way of Life
. Reclaiming an Essential Practice for Western Philosophy


. Parenting Skills radio series
. Positive Psychology radio series
. Creativity and Song


. Yasmine Design Fashion Show
. Shanti's Teaching in Kathmandu, Nepal, 2012


. See portrait paintings of Shanti

. Dean Martin: Everybody Loves Somebody
. The Four Virtues series
. Love and Shrimp
. 2013 New Year's
. Unstrung Pearls

. Stairways To The Stars - Singing Workshop
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